For alcohol live promotions with serving rules prequalified and listed
Be inspired
We have curated a selection of alcohol-friendly spaces that welcome the sampling of spirits, mixers, and shots. Perfect for pop-up bars, banners, and branded servers. For memorable drinks campaigns.

Alcohol sampling works! And drinks launches are growing each year along with market creativity. The perfect consumer demographic is also easy to identify and target.

But planning and placing alcohol campaigns is notoriously difficult. Many locations won’t accept alcohol promotions and those that do have a plethora of serving rules to navigate. Can you sip serve, full serve and in what measures? Is alcohol retail permitted, and do you need a TENs?

Now we have done the legwork for you and pre-qualified alcohol-accepting spaces with all the rules clearly listed on lo:live. 

Our curated collection includes a series of featured spaces that are perfect for pop-up bars, retail experiences or direct sampling. Positioned in attractive high footfall environments, these alcohol-friendly locations offer maximum brand exposure for craft beers, ciders, sprits, mixers, and shots.