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11 Oct 2021

Whilst festival goers are busy dusting off their shuffle dance and ordering in the glow sticks now is the time for brands to plan how and where they activate across these environments this summer!

Following a year of lockdown and a huge build up of FOMO! Ticket sales for festivals have surged beyond all expectations and with the vaccine rollout winning the battle against COVID  it's amazing to see the festival calendar fill up! 

It's even better to be able to start showcasing it on lo:live with each festival having clearly defined sampling and experiential opportunities. 

Festivals offer a different mix to the traditional high footfall retail environment! 

Long dwell times, very defined audiences, real engagement and an opportunity to integrate the creative production into the fabric of the festival to make a truly enriching experience.

Feel free to browse the first of our collection below and keep an eye out for more to be added over the coming days! From sporting events and music festivals to firework shows and food fests..there is a LOT more to come.

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