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Location Live Releases The LO:DOWN 1.0

25 Feb 2022

It’s arrived! We have just published lo:down 1.0, the first ever data-driven report on experiential space marketplace behaviour. The report provides insights into emerging campaign planning trends and space supply-and-demand drivers.

Location Live, based in Richmond SW London, revolutionised the experiential space industry by digitising the marketplace with the launch of their lo:live platform in 2020. lo:live enables landlords, brands, and agencies to engage in ultra-efficient direct transactions for experiential space, while AI-backed search-and-book tools reduce brand activation planning time from weeks down to minutes. 

lo:live also represents a quantum leap in insights by capturing, filtering, and analysing activity data across 2021 from



Registered Users


Planned campaigns


Location Live has now published these never-before-seen proprietary statistics in a report titled THE LO:DOWN 1.0 for the benefit of the marketplace.

Kevin Cavilla, Chief Technology Officer at Location Live, explains why this data can transform the planning of experiential space campaigns:

‘The purpose of lo:live was to expand the marketplace by taking the complexity out of the location search-and-book process in experiential marketing. lo:live removes transactional barriers and promotes direct engagement between landlords and brands.

However, we also knew when we were designing the architecture of this intelligent ‘self-service’ platform how powerful lo:live would be as window into the marketplace and the very pulse of campaign planning. lo:live captures UK-wide data from real-time transactions so that the platform’s AI-powered analytics can filter the data for insights into emerging space trends, supply and demand indicators, and market behaviour by industry sector and consumer demographics. 

Like the lo:live platform itself, the activity data is unbiased and acts as an impartial witness to industry planning perceptions, mindsets and trends. For example, during the pandemic we quickly identified an emerging ‘hyper-local’ phenomenon where brand activation campaigns were reoriented to touchpoints closer to consumers as travel was restricted and people shopped and socialised closer to home.. We could quantify and demonstrate this shift in demand to outdoor locations with larger spaces for engagement which challenged landlords to respond to the trend and activate parts of their portfolio previously under the radar of this media.

With multiple landlords already requesting bespoke reports and insights to inform their strategy its great to see this being put into practice."

lo:live and its sophisticated search-and-book functionality has already become truly insightful planning tool to bring more operational efficiency and campaign precision to experiential marketing. Location Live plans to issue regular marketplace updates as it continues to broaden the range of experiential locations available via the platform ahead of the expansion of lo:live into Europe in 2022.

To request a copy of the report please email us - hello@locationlive.co.uk 


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