Location Live in Media and the Press

25 Mar 2022

Location Live likes to engage: with clients, industry media, and the press. Our real-time data from the lo:live platform means we have our finger on the marketplace pulse. We are trend spotters, not trend-followers, so we have insights to report and experiential behaviour statistics to share. By doing so, we aim to support, expand, and democratise the industry.

Word is getting out!

There’s already lots to report at location:live in 2022. As well as procuring iconic locations for brand activations, we are now attracting our own experiential space in the press.

Our LO:DOWN 1.10 report, in particular, created a palpable buzz after we made it available to the marketplace.

Download our latest press coverage and report here:

• The LO:DOWN 1.0 Marketplace report (download)

• Experiential marketing helps rejuvenate town centres (Business Leader article)

• How we are democratising the marketplace (TechRound article)

Sharing knowledge with the industry

It’s great to engage this way with our peers to spread the word, share our experience and expand industry knowledge. We are always pleased to share insights, market data, and field questions from brands, agencies, and landlords.

About Location Live

Location Live are the UK's leading experiential space experts. We specialise in the discovery and procurement of experiential space and the delivery of iconic and bespoke locations for all live brand engagements. Over the past 10 years our team has enabled some of the most innovative brand activations ever seen in the UK. In 2020 we launched the world’s first end-to-end digital platform lo:live that enables landlords, agencies and brands to conduct ultra-fast-and-efficient experiential space transactions, with 500+ agencies engaged. In February 2022 we published the first-ever data-driven marketplace report, with proprietary statistics in experiential marketing behaviour proving invaluable for ongoing campaign planning.

Need help planning your experiential campaign? Let us help! Get in touch at thecrew@locationlive.co.uk