Spring has sprung, campaigns have begun – each and every day!

25 Mar 2022

At Location Live we have reached a new milestone: since the beginning of 2022, we have had a brand activating somewhere across the UK each and every day on a space booked through our lo:live platform.

Not a single day without a brand activation...

THE marketplace for experiential space

lo:live is now the favoured online tool of more than 1000 users who are benefiting from ultra-fast and efficient space transactions and significantly reduced campaign planning times. Lo:live has established itself as THE go to place for discovering experiential space.

What is particularly encouraging is the diversity of the campaigns being planned on lo:live. From independent fashion brands and start-ups through to the biggest names in technology, media and automotive.

Campaign for Santander - with origami Ant and Dec by artist Nathan Ward

A rapidly expanding inventory of spaces

Not only are the marketing sectors broad-based, but the locations being procured are just as diverse. Riverside space, town squares, shopping malls, city-centre parks, and transport hubs are all being discovered and booked from our rapidly expanding inventory of over 1,200 spaces UK wide.

Adidas "Bra Revolution" Campaign

We are seeing a stunning array of displays and pop-ups in these latest experiential brand promotions, all worthy of a mention in their own right!

But for now, here is a snapshot of the live consumer engagements we have placed and facilitated already in 2022. 

Pictured: Adidas "Bra Revolution" / Lexus NX / Samsung / Hyperoptic "The Big Broadband Bill"

Campaign for Santander

About location:live

location:live are the UK's leading experiential space experts. We specialise in the discovery and procurement of experiential space and the delivery of iconic and bespoke locations for all live brand engagements. Over the past 10 years our team has enabled some of the most innovative brand activations ever seen in the UK. In 2020 we launched the world’s first end-to-end digital platform lo:live that enables landlords, agencies and brands to conduct ultra-fast-and-efficient experiential space transactions, with 500+ agencies engaged. In February 2022 we published the first-ever data-driven marketplace report, with proprietary statistics in experiential marketing behaviour proving invaluable for ongoing campaign planning.

Need help planning your experiential campaign? Let us help! Get in touch at thecrew@locationlive.co.uk